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Pattaya: One Red Hot Condo Market

Condo development in Pattaya is exploding and with a good reason. The region is attracting a growing number of foreign visitors every year, many of whom are very interested in buying property in this tropical paradise. It’s proximity to Bangkok also make it a popular choice with affluent Thais who have been increasingly buying vacation and investment properties here. When added, these two factors make the for a red hot condo market it Pattaya. So what is driving all this? What makes Pattaya’s real estate market such an attractive place to invest?

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Shopping, Dinning and Pampering

Pattaya shopping with its air-conditioned malls and high-end boutiques has everything to keep the ladies busy (as well the gents, for those who like myself, enjoy the occasional shopping session). And what is the good life without good food? You are never far from top restaurants serving both Thai food and international gourmet cuisine. Finally, for those times when you need to really relax and recharge, the luxury spas of Pattaya are there ready to cater to your every need. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like a good foot massage after a long day of shopping.


Party Capital of the South

Pattaya is unquestionably party central in the Gulf of Thailand. Famous for its wild go-go bar scene, the resort also boasts hundreds of nightclubs and bars sure to suit every taste. Then there are the spectacular ladyboy cabaret shows:  mix between Las Vegas variety shows and burlesque, they are a must do, trust me on this one.


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Pattaya Beaches and Islands

Pattaya’s reputation as a party destination, sometimes overshadows the fact that it also has miles of clean, sandy beaches perfect for swimming and relaxation. For those, like myself, who prefer more a little more action, the beautiful islands just around Pattya: Koh Larn, Koh Pai, Koh Si and Koh Samet, offer plenty of snorkeling, diving and other fun activities.


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Jomtien: A Great Opportunity for Budget Conscious Buyers

Only 2km South of Pattaya, the tranquil community of Jomtien Beach has long attracted visitors looking a for a more laid back atmosphere, however since the unveiling of the recently built Jomtien Road 2, the area has really opened up for large scale development.

Geared mostly towards more budget conscious retirees, a number of condo developments have gone up in the area over the last few years with many more on the way. In fact, the majority of the estimated 6000 new units that went up in the second half of 2012 were located in Jomtien. Following this building frenzy, new shopping, dinning and relaxation options are popping up all the time, offering more variety and abundance. Even the nightlife is scene is developing healthily too, although it will not be catching up to that of its wild neighbour, or the party scene of bustling Bangkok, any time soon.


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The condo market in Pattaya is proving increasingly popular with both domestic and international buyers and there are no signs of things slowing down anytime soon. Naturally, the upward pressure on prices is tremendous, which makes this the ideal time to buy.

I’m definitely considering several top condominiums in the area, as my next investment and I highly recommend investing in Pattaya’s real estate market to anyone moving to Thailand, especially for those looking to retire here in style.