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tour in chiang mai

The best tours in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an incredibly popular tourist destination in Thailand. It’s located in the northern part of the country. Many tourists will visit this part of Thailand because Chiang Mai is home to a variety of landmarks, art museums, culture, and the Elephant national park. Additionally Chiang Mai is home to a number of different restaurants that feature the legendary Thai cooking and it has flee markets that sell just about anything a tourist could possibly want.

There are many different ways to find things to do in Chiang Mai. One way is to consider hiring a guide to enjoy all the tours ( we strongly recomment Tass from ). First of all, a travel guide will be able to offer you different forms of private tours of the area. All of them are bilingual and will be able to word as an interpreter. That will help you conduct business with the local residents.

During your stay in Chiang Mai Enjoy The Elephant Nature Park is a wildlife refuge that is near Chiang Mai. This park serves a couple of different functions for the area. First of all, it is a wildlife refuge that protects elephants from poaching. Poaching has always been a problem in South East Asia because ivory sells for a lot of money on the black market. This park rescues and protects elephants since they are an endangered species.

The park also serves as a tourist attraction. This not only provides travelers with things to do like elephant rides, but it also creates desperately needed jobs in Thailand. Not only does the park provide employment itself, but the tourist industry in Chiang Mai also benefits from having travelers visit the park. Finally the park provides scientists with wildlife research opportunities.

The park is a recommended destinations for visitors. However the city of Chiang Mai also has plenty of things for tourist to do. For those people who love to experience Thai cuisine, Thailand has some of the most unique cooking school in the world. The food in Thailand is famous for being spicy so travelers will need to be prepared to eat this hot food. This normally isn’t a problem for enthusiasts of spicy food, but it can present a problem for people who aren’t used to hot food. However even if you are someone who isn’t used to eating hot food, it is well worth the experience to at least try authentic Thai cooking.

delta skymiles

A Review of SkyMiles, Delta’s Frequent Flyer Reward Program

Years ago, Delta Airline’s loyalty reward program SkyMiles was very popular but years of poor customer relations, unclear terms and conditions and customer dissatisfaction has left it a shell of its former self.  Despite this, it is still among the most popular frequent flyer programs in the US today and still offers great rewards to loyal customers.  The biggest problem that brought SkyMiles down is the many fees and restrictions slapped on customers.  SkyMiles is essentially a rewards, travel incentive and loyalty program that offers its passengers flying either Delta or partner airlines.  Here is a deeper look at the program (Source : 30k)

Earning Points

To earn SkyMiles points, you will first need to sign up for the program on Delta’s website where you will receive an email containing the program details.  You will earn SkyMiles points in four different ways: You can fly Delta Airlines to any of the 300+ destinations around the world or fly on any of the partner airlines which include Continental, Northwest, Alaska and NWA.  The second way to earn SkyMiles miles is to stay at hotel partners when you travel.  It is however important that you find out which hotels are SkyMiles members on the program’s or Delta Airline’s website.

SkyMiles account holders also have the option of accumulating points when they get and use a Delta SkyMiles Check Card or Credit Card or when they spend money on any of the partner dining, hotel and car rental partners.  Lastly, you can buy SkyMiles directly from Delta if you want to fill meet a target to cash it in.  Each mile you travel on Delta Airlines or partner programs earns you one SkyMiles.  For Delta cards, each dollar spent is one point or mile, with special bonuses and promotions coming by every now and then.

Redeeming Points

SkyMiles loyalty reward program offers a number of different ways to redeem accumulated points including getting free tickets, shopping and gifting.  Most people redeem their SkyMiles points for flight tickets starting at 25,000 miles for a return ticket to a domestic destination.  You can also use these miles to upgrade to First class or business elite from economy class.  Delta also allows elite SkyMiles members with Reserve, Gold or Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards from American Express to redeem miles for part of the Delta ticket price.

If you would like to shop with your SkyMiles, you will have to shop at an establishment that is a member of the program.  Delta has a SkyMiles marketplace and online auction you should check out and they also let customers redeem their SkyMiles points for Broadway tickets.  Lastly, you can donate your SkyMiles to either SkyWish or transfer them to another member.



  • Delta has made great strides to establish alliances with shopping, car rental, credit card and other establishments that accept SkyMiles.
  • You can shop with your SkyMiles
  • SkyMiles points are easier to earn compared to most other programs.


  • Too many unsatisfied members complaining online of poor services.
  • Too many restrictions on miles redemption and high fees, especially award redemption fees.
  • Most often customers lack seats to redeem points for.
  • Upgrading a seat using reward points is extremely difficult according to customers.