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Hello and welcome! Stay a bit and share my experiences of living in Thailand, my thoughts on the real estate and business environment here, and of course my idea of the good life and how to live it.

My Project

My name is John. Back in the US, I was a real estate agent with one of the large franchise companies. I was doing alright but not as good as I wanted to. It’s no secret that the US real estate market has been a total mess since the sub-prime mortgage bust. One day, it just dawned on me: I’ve had enough of waiting for the market to bottom out, of dealing with bargain-hunters and foreclosure deals. Mostly, I was fed up with my boring, monotonous life. I needed a change, I needed a new project. So I sold my condo (which was nice enough but nothing like the place have now) and my investment properties and decided to hit the road. I travelled around Asia for a while, starting with Hong Kong and China, and then making my way down to Vietnam and Cambodia. However, once I got to Thailand, I knew right away that this is the place for me. ‘So what makes Thailand so great?’, you say. Well, many things.

Climate and Nature

For one, there is the climate. With average annual temperature of 82°F (27.7°C) and nearly constant sunshine, it is pretty hard to beat. Even during the so called “wet season”, it barely ever rains in many areas and when it does it’s for an hour or two per day, and it’s back to the sunshine! Then there’s the gorgeous nature which as varied as the many ethnic groups inhabiting the land. From the post-card-perfect beaches of the South, to the lush green mountains of the North, Thailand has it all.

Business Opportunities

As one of the fastest growing economies in the region (and the world), Thailand offers many opportunities for doing business and investment. A booming real estate market and rapid infrastructure development make it ideal for anyone with a bit of capital to invest.

Quality of Life

Thailand combines all the comforts of the West (nice roads, modern transport that is constantly improving, excellent internet connectivity and every possible shopping outlet) with plenty of exotic fun to keep your life from getting stale. Best of all, you can enjoy a fantastic quality of life for a fraction of the cost back home. I’m now living in a luxury condo with a huge pool, every amenity you can imagine, and it still costs me only a third of what I was paying for my modern but tiny place back home.

luxury condo

It just gets better from there. I’m surrounded by affordable, high-quality restaurants offering every cuisine imaginable (I am yet to cook at home, even though I have a large, fully-equipped kitchen), excellent shopping, massage places and spas (it costs just a few bucks to get pampered like royalty) and of course crazy, exciting (not to mention cheap!) nightlife. Add to all that an abundance of hot, exotic women, that for some reason happen to love foreign white guys (even those of us with a bit of beer belly) and it all adds up up to a lifestyle that is pretty hard to beat, don’t you think?